Dichloroacetate Cancer Treatment – Cure for cancer found ?

dichloroacetate cancer treatmentDichloroacetate cancer treatment dot com is an educational website providing all the information you need to know about a relatively untalked about molecule called Dichloroacetate (DCA) which has been hailed by some medical professionals as a genuine cure for cancer.

At the start of 2007, scientists from the University of Alberta (UA) led by Dr. Michelakis illustrated their study on Cancer Cells in a scientific review. They made use of the tiny molecule dichloroacetate (DCA) on human cancer cells grown in rats and discovered that due to dichloroacetates ability to reconstruct damaged mitochondria, the tumors became smaller by 70 % in only three weeks.

The most shocking thing about this revelation is that dichloroacetate cancer treatment isn’t being produced in bulk or even taken notice of by the medical and news communities for it cancer curing properties despite the fact Dichloroacetate is already used by medical professionals worldwide to treat other metabolic disorders. Dichloroacetate cancer treatment is relatively cheap (at least in comparison to current cancer treatments) and can actually cure cancer rather than just warding it off.

Why are pharmaceutical companies dismissing Dichloroacetate Cancer Treatment ?

Because Sodium Dichloroacetate already exists and is sold in its exact chemical form it requires no patent.  If a drug cannot be patented it makes it difficult to make large profits from. Due to this, pharmaceutical companies won’t touch it as it doesn’t help their pockets. This is main reason why this amazing discovery isn’t being celebrated worldwide and making front page headlines. Pharmaceutical companies are unfortunately a business and owners are not interested in funding cures but only treatments as they can capitalize on repeat purchases. Its a shame things have to be this way but that’s just business and pharmaceutical companies have to keep their shareholders happy by seeing a profit year after year.

Every drug that is used in US hospitals or prescribed by doctors needs to be approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drugs Administration). On average it costs a pharmaceutical company 1 billion dollars in clincal human tests and trials before any drug is approved for widespread use. Trials needs to be conducted on hundreds of thousands of people of all ages, races and sexes before any FDA approvals are made. On top of that the pharmaceutical companies only have 2 years to make back their 1 billion dollars before their patent expires. Once the patent expires competitors can sell generic duplicates of the drug at a much cheaper prices making it much harder for the pharmaceutical company to recoop its initial investment.  This is where the problem resides. As a patent cannot be gained it makes no business sense for a company to invest 1 billion dollars in clinical trials with no return. It seems that governments around the world follow the same ethics despite the positive results seen as a direct result of Dichloroacetate cancer treatment. As the drug is considered safe to use it has encouraged some of the worlds largest distributors to begin selling  Dichloroacetate cancer treatment to the mainstream public for self administration.

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How does Dichloroacetate cancer treatment work?

Sodium dichloroacetate, or NaDCA (abbreviated as DCA or dichloroacetate) is a very cheap, easy to produce, non toxic molecule.cure for cancer found
Before I cover how dca cancer treatment works it is important to understand the role that mitochondria plays in the survival of cancerous cells. Mitochondria is an is a biological membrane enclosed organelle. For those who may be new to cancer a biological membrane is a separating barrier within or around a cell that provides protected spaces made up of different chemical or biochemical environments required for the cell to function properly. An organelle is a specialized subunit within a cell that has a specific function. The membrane acts as a protective barrier to the organelle. In the case of cancer the affected organalle is Mitochondria whose functions include controlling the cells signaling, cellular differentiation, cell cycle, cell growth and most importantly when dealing with cancer, ‘programmed cell death’ or apoptosis.

For nearly 80 years researchers have known that cancer has a negative effect on mitochondria, causing them to function abnormally. The abnormal mitochondria causes the membrane surrounding it to become more negatively charged than usual which prevents the expulsion of several substances that are essential for the induction of apoptosis. As they cannot apoptosise these cells effectively become immortal and will then multiply producing immortal offspring which also carry the defunct mitochandria. The inflicted person will become progressively sick as the cancerous cells multiply around the infected systems in the human body. Until recent times it was thought that it was not possible for the mitochondria to function normally again after being affected by cancer.Dr. Michelakis aimed to disprove this theory and stated that dichloracetate cancer treatment may restore the destroyed mitochondria to their former state. He claimed that the mitochondria was not destroyed but just laid dormant. He further added the DCA cancer treatment works by inactivating the enzyme that blocks the flow of a key substance that is required by the mitochondria to resume proper function so that it can signal the cancerous cell to progress to apoptosis.

The results of the University Of Alabama’s tests more than surpassed Dr. Michelakis’s expectations. Dichloroacetate (DCA) not only prevented the mitochondria from being devastated, but also decreased the tumor growth in test tubes and animal models. Unlike a great number of chemotherapies used nowadays, DCA did not affect any healthy tissues.
According to Dr Michelakis, this may happen because DCA targets a process, which may only be observed in cancer cells.Representatives from the University of Alberta (UA) claim that it is possible to use Dichloroacetate cancer treatment as a cure for various forms of cancer. One of the professors from the University proved that DCA helps with regression of lung and breast cancers, as well as brain tumors (among others). The results of the study may be viewed in the research journal Cancer Cell published by the researchers from UA (including a cardiologist, Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, and Dr. Sebastien Bonnet).This research has led to growing number of doctors administering Dichloroacetate cancer treatment to patients as a non-approved drug and cancer victims experimenting on themselves when conventional treatments like chemotherapy are undesired or have failed to have any effect. I would never advise beginning a dichloroacetate cancer treatment plan without first speaking to an experienced onocologist.

MUST WATCH VIDEO -  Drs. Akbar and Humaira Khan from Medicor Cancer Centre interviewed regarding their use of Sodium Dichloroacetate when providing cancer treatment to their patients

Is Dichloroacetate cancer treatment safe to use and what are the side effects?

Sodium dichloroacetate has been used for decades by doctors for the treatment of lactic acidosis which is a rare but serious condition where the body’s acid-base balance is dangerously out of line.

DCA is associated with numerous side effects, including nerve damage resulting in weakness and numbness, liver damage and low blood sugar. All these symptoms can easily reversed with medical intervention and are a lot less harsh than the effects of chemotherapy or radiation which leaves most patients very sick, without hair and generally living a poorer standard of life for months after treatment.

Dichloroacetate cancer treatment Dosage :

As large enough clinical tests for dichloroacetate have not been conducted the best dosage for people trying to treat cancer is unknown.

People have reported taking from 8 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) of body weight per day to 50mg/kg per day. Some patients split the full day’s dose into 2 smaller doses and take it twice a day. The powder is mixed with water, juice, or tea and drunk.

Because the risk of side effects goes up with higher doses, most DCA supporters suggest taking 30 mg/kg or less per day and watching for side effects.

Some people take days off from Dichloroacetate (for example, skipping weekend doses) to try to reduce the chance of serious side effects.

Some DCA promoters recommend taking caffeine and extra thiamine (vitamin B1), claiming that this will help the DCA work better and reduce the risk of nerve damage. When taking a combination of caffine, B1 with DCA the dca dose should be reduced to 10-12 mg/kg. You can read more about dca dosage combinations here.

Others suggest taking it with food or just after a meal because it can irritate the stomach.

Dichloroacetate cancer treatment – real AMAZON customer tesimonials:

Lung Cancer in Remission – Copied from Ebay Review May 12, 2011
By K. Jensen
“Excellent support received by phone and email. Health Specialist sent a series of Health Recommendations to assist healing the Cancer. I had Lung Cancer: Tumors shrunk immediately – doctor saw shrinkage in tumor 6 days after DCA treatment began. My Symptoms: Breathing Easier without Breathing Machines that I needed daily in December 2010. Gaining weight from January 2011 thru current. Doctor shocked and doesn’t need to see me for 4 more months!!” Testimonial received in April 2011

Amazon Verified Purchase 8, 2011
By Mbert
I can’t say for sure that its not some random white powder, but it sure tastes like chlorinated vinegar to me. I got some for my mother who has esophageal cancer diagnosed stage 4 a few months ago. They gave her 3-6 months without chemo and maybe a year with chemo. It had metastasized and small cancer nodules were all over her body. My brother was against her taking anything that the wonderful doctors didn’t approve of and hasn’t been accepted by our wonderful medical system as a therapy. I gave him a link to the few papers that have been published but he never checked it out so I showed my mom and let her decide. After 2 months of chemotherapy and DCA treatments as well as nutritional “alternative therapy” her PET scan showed that all the small nodules are gone and the main tumor is shrinking. The doctor was very surprised at her positive response to what she thought was just the chemotherapy and maybe a little bit of herbal therapy. I can say that something worked and apparently the doctor was surprised at the response. They didn’t say whether or not she was downgraded from stage 4 or not but I’m assuming it should be classified below stage 4 if it looks like its no longer spreading and is shrinking.

DCA August 13, 2011
Amazon customer review By E. Demmel
This is a reliable source. I’ve been researching this for days and was so surprised to find it on Amazon.
They also recommend taking 500 mg of Thiamin /Vitamin B1 with it to avoid side effects.
Do not add to warm or hot liquids. Drink plenty of black caffeinated tea throughout the day.

Excellent product July 26, 2011
By Jade Dragon
Amazon Verified Purchase
I have been using this product for about two months. I find it performs as described. I am very happy to have found a product which will do what this one does. I can not make medical claims, but I personally see progress every day with my condition. I have reordered and will continue to do so.

Testimonials around the world have shown reversals in illness, remissions, clean health tests as well as increased health and vitality. Favourable results (scientifically measurable) have been accomplished within days of starting Dichloroacetate cancer treatment.

“Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, a professor at the University of Alabama Department of Medicine, has shown that dichloroacetate (DCA) causes regression in several cancers, including lung, breast, and brain tumors.”

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Buy Dichloroacetate cancer treatment safely?

Never take Dichloroacetate unless you have first consulted you doctor. Since knowledge of Dichloroacetate has been circulating the net it has given rise to a number of websites selling fake versions on this treatment. Always purchase from an established reseller to guarantee a genuine Dichloroacetate cancer treatment product is received.

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